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Reiki Healing + Quantum Touch Healing
Help with Cancer
If you or a loved one are in the unfortunate position to be diagnosed with cancer I can help. I provide a mobile service so you can recieve treatment in your own home. This I find preferable because it's familiar surroundings and you are more able to relax.
Healing is about giving support for the body so it has the best chance possible of beating the cancer. The person lie's fully clothed upon the healing bed and drifts off in a relaxtion state to calming music. There is no manipulatuion or massage involved, just the laying on of hands or held a little away above.
And if you want to find out more about the techniques I use, they are all in my pocket book 'Cancer your way', because I strongly beleive everyone with cancer should have choices when it comes to their health.
And Remember, this is not a replacement for your current treatment. But it is a safe complimentary therapy which works safely alongside your conventional treatment.
Explain Quantum Touch
Quantum Touch Healing is an extremely powerful method of healing. The healer raises their energy to a very high vibration and entrains the client to match this vibration.
This works by the healer using the power of the breath and a strong intent of moving energy through the body and passing that energy to the client.
Supercharging Quantum Touch takes it to another level, by increasing the energy further from the standard QT work, which speeds up the healing process and can remove stubborn blockages or the rebuilding of cell structures easier.
With an open mind, and a strong intent, anything can be tackled by using this exciting healing method.
Common Questions
So why would I use Quantum Touch over all the other Healing methods?
It's faster, some have compared it to Reiki on steroids. But when dealing with illness, especially life threatening ones such as cancer, obviously speed is of importance. Also, some conditions need the extra energy for change to occur, and that's where QT work shines.
I suffer from panic attacks, can you help?
QT work is very effective at conquering panic attacks, combine with Bach flower Remedies and the healing process can be speeded up further.
 have Cancer, can QT work for me?
Supercharging Quantum Touch uses a very special symbol called the U-NAN Pattern. Basically it is the building blocks for all life. So where cancer is concerned, it shows the body how to correct the rogue cells and bring them back into a healthy state. Many people have been diagnosed with terminal cancer only to be healed through using the U-NAN pattern. 
I have a bad back, can it help me?  
This is where QT work has another ace up it's sleeve, it can physically move bones back into alignment. It can straighten you up and remove pains that have been a problem.
I feel unwell, I have headaches and I feel emotionally drained
When the energy becomes blocked throughout our body we become unwell. We find it hard to cope and the joy in life feels as though its been sucked from us. QT puts things back in balance. Because it is powerful it removes the blockages and allows the energy to flow freely,  allowing you to feel human and happy once again.
I suffered an injury recently, can QT help me heal faster?
Yes. By offering the high vibration of energy, the body will be able to use that to quicken the healing process.
How long does the energy last?
The healing energy from the session stays within the body for Seven days, but the benefits that will be felt will be long term. I use another QT method called the elastic light bandage. This wraps around any area of disharmony and locks the healing energy in for longer.
How many sessions will I need?
Quantum Touch is a fast healing technique, and some people will need only one session. Others will need a series of sessions according to what they are dealing with. It's hard to say, because everybody is different. The more you use QT the greater benefit you will feel.  
"Richard came to my aid after my dreadful diagnosis of breast cancer, when I was given the news that I would need to have a mastectomy,  I was in such shock and confined my fears to my friend, who suggested that her son may be able to give me some help.  I was rather wary as I had never received any healing of any kind but was open minded and Richard gave me a sense of optimism and gave me a great sense of peace and relaxation.  Nothing was too much trouble as he arrived with his healing table and crystals which he placed underneath.  I found I looked forward to his visits and cheerful chatter, which took my mind off all the negativity I was feeling and became more positive that I would recover in time.  I became convinced that Richard was really making progress and that he had healing hands as he continued to help me throughout my chemotherapy until my operation.  I would recommend Richard as a healer for his kindness, empathy and his healing powers which I am convinced are genuine and without his help I would not have found the strength to cope so well.  I wish you well Richard for the future and thank you for the comfort you gave me when I so badly needed your help." 
Best Wishes from Sue
 *         *         *
I found myself with Cancer for the third time and knew I needed to take drastic action as it had been found in various places in bones and lymph. Along with Chemotherapy (which I had not had before) I knew I needed complementary support. I knew that Richard is a Quantum Touch therapist and felt that this would need to be part of my therapy as it is very powerful and should help sustain and improve my energy and help heal as well.
Richard kindly came to my home, which made the process more relaxed. We scheduled sessions before scans and doctors visits and after Chemotherapy, also after any events that looked as if they might 'take it out of me' more than ever such as visits to and from family. There is so much love from family but there is also anxiety and stress about the illness that can be very draining.
The treatments left me feeling more energised and Richard commented on how I was changing over time.As he applied the Quantum healing my whole system changed over time, needing less time to absorb the energy it needed and 'feeling' perhaps softer in nature.
I am very pleased to say that three months after finishing a course of six Chemotherapy sessions, the CT scan showed NO CANCER. I recently asked the oncologist what he thought the chances of this result were. He thought the chances were less that 10% that no cancer would have been present.
I shall continue to do 'inner work' such as meditation and positive thinking and I will also continue to have treatments from Richard as I feel it is important to stay 'a changed person' rather that returning to a state in which cancer was able to manifest.
I would also like to say that I have used some of Dawn's Bach flower remedies and some Essiac remedies. These were extremely helpful in supporting me emotionally and in regard to releasing 'old baggage' and changing myself to become more healthy.
Many many thanks to both of you.
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