Panic Attacks & Anxiety-How to Beat Them - 'Make this Day one of the rest of your Life'
Q&A - Common Questions:
Can panic be controlled successfully?
Yes. I don’t suffer full blown panic attacks anymore, and I have learnt to deal with the minor ones. Be patient with yourself and persistence really pays off.
When will this ever stop?
I can’t say when, everybody is different, but you will start to feel better over the coming weeks.
Why has this happened to me?
By working through the exercises you’ll come to understand why, and how to overcome panic and anxiety.
Will things settle down and will I feel normal again?
Yes. By re-teaching your body and mind how to relax, and not to expect panic, things will return to a normal state.
Will I have flare ups?
It can happen, but you will get better at preventing them. You’ll learn by keeping an eye on the way you control stress in your life, and the way you treat your body, flare ups will be few and far between.
Why flower remedies?
Helps you feel emotionally stronger while putting things back in perspective. This gives you the confidence, strength and support to move forward.
Can I overdose on the flower remedies?
No. They are 100% safe.
What if I take remedies that I don’t need?
The body will absorb the remedies it needs and ignore the ones it doesn’t.
Why use Rescue Remedy?
Rescue Remedy brings everything back into perspective and calms the panics/anxiety.
Where can I buy Rescue Remedy?
Also Chemists, supermarkets and online stores.
Where do I find a practitioner?
Try via the web, complimentary therapy centres or healing fairs.
How does energy healing Work?
The healer raises his energy and offers it to you. And because your energy is in a low state (unwell), it lifts you and brings your levels to the same energy of your healer. When this happens, the body is able to heal itself. Combine with Flower Remedies and you’ll find treatment of anxiety can be very effective.
Can I have too much healing?
No. The body will only accept what it needs.
Will complimentary therapy help, why not take regular medicine?
Both compliment each other. Therapies harmonize the body and mind bringing it back into a balanced state. Where medicine, (beta blockers) work, by blocking the messages that cause the symptoms of the fight & flight response.
I’m on medication already, can I still use therapies?
Yes. But if you’re still worried, consult your doctor beforehand.
What if I don’t believe in complimentary therapies?
Flower remedies and healing can work whether or not the patient believes in it. But I urge you to go open minded on this one, because quite often belief speeds and enhances the healing process.
I find it difficult to visualize
Try using a CD or tape. Just the intent of seeing a white light has the same benefits as seeing it in your head. Concentrate on the feelings in your body it brings.  – Note. Don’t try too hard. Relax, let the image be formed naturally.
Why do we use white light in meditations?
White light holds all the colours we are made of. By using white light, we feel the maximum benefits without having to go through each colour in turn.
Why do I feel fine until I go into a particular situation?
If you panic, say in a crowd, you will likely panic when you revisit the situation. Controlled expose (See, ‘To walk the Devils Yard’) will deal with this.

Why do some people make me feel uncomfortable?
For the moment this is something you will have to just accept. Don’t put any necessary pressure on yourself by being around these kind of people. Stay around those who you feel safe and comfortable with.
Is there anything I can wear that will make me feel better and less stressful?
Try a Q-Link. The Q-link reduces stress and anxiety while raising your energy levels. Visit: for more information.
My mind is on overdrive
Try taking  ‘White Chestnut’ and ‘Vervain’ Bach Flower Remedies. Write your thoughts on paper.
Why do I jump at every little thing?
You have to remember your senses are set to a heightened level of alert right now (Fight or Flight). These will diminish as you progress.
I feel I can’t relax, I feel I must keep moving all the time
The adrenaline makes you want to keep going, and the body is responding to this. You need to re-teach your body relaxation and these feelings will subside. Healing, meditation, flower remedies are very good for this.
Why do I feel sick all the time?
The increase in adrenaline makes the stomach acid become more volatile. The reason being, our fight or flight response mode wants the stomach to be clear of food (by being sick) to get rid of excess weight. Less weight means you can run faster from a dangerous situation.
Why do I shake?
Excess of adrenaline and muscle tension.
The pains in my chest hurt. Am I having a heart attack?
Concerning panic attacks, pains in the chest do not signify a heart attack. But if you are concerned, see a doctor. When you get the all clear, remember healing and flower remedies will be of help here.
The fear I feel seems so real
And it is. The body believes it’s running from an extreme danger, but you will de-sensitize and these feelings will disappear.
I feel as though I’m going to die
Remember – this is a natural response (fight or flight) built into everyone of us on this planet. You are safe, you will get through this
Will the pains in my body eventually go?
Yes they will. As the anxiety diminishes so will the pains.
I feel confused, I can’t see a way out of this
Follow this book and you will come to understand yourself and how to be panic free for the rest of your life.
Am I crazy?
Most definitely not. Don’t think this or allow others to impose this kind of thinking upon you. You are working through a life changing experience right now, you will emerge far stronger.
I hate myself
The panic and feelings of fear become too much which can lead to this type of thinking. Write down the positives about yourself and take the following Flower Remedies. - Rock Water, Holly, and Crab Apple. 
Is it normal to have such feelings of extreme anger?
Repressed emotions rewrite our thinking which can lead to extremes of anger. But you will learn to release the anger and negative feelings you have for others and situations, and these feelings will dissolve.
Does my state of mind have anything to do with panic and anxiety, and the pains in my body?
Yes. Once you have learnt to release the triggers that cause the panic, the body will not enter the fight or flight response. The pains will then go.
I feel so tired and drained, how can I possibly do any of what you have described?
In this situation, try Bach Flower Remedies, healing by a practitioner along with plenty of rest. When your energies raise a little, you will be able to continue with the rest of the healing process.
I can’t stand this anymore!!!
I myself was at this stage of thinking. But just hold in there, because with the flower remedies, healing and changing your mind set, things will get easier faster than you may think.
Don’t give up on yourself. You will get through this.
Can I return to the exercises in the book whenever I want?
Yes. In fact I encourage you to do so. Keeping on top of things will keep the panics away.

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