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Panic Attacks and Anxiety - How to Beat Them


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Third edition
 Revised 2014

An incredible life that spanned for nearly a century...


Robert Collins Blackmore, or ‘Blackie’ as he was known in the RAF, grew up as a sickly child, but would soon become one of the unsung heroes of World War Two.

Stricken with family tragedy, the young Blackmore continued with his fascination with anything mechanical, only to find more hardships to follow.

Honoured with the Atlantic Star for bravery, burned in a freak engine room explosion, and meeting Winston Churchill on a cold and sinister night, are just some aspects of this humble unpresuming man.

This is the story of one man’s fight for survival, lost love, and an inner strength to knuckle down and get the job done.

 ‘BANG! - My right knee was torn apart as I was blown past the starboard engine gear lever. I was thrown out of the engine room, over the well deck, and smashed into the cabin entrance.’
Bob Blackmore

 ‘Relatively little has been written on the subject concerning the Marine Branch of the RAF, & so it was with great honour to commit Bob’s memoirs to paper.’

 Richard Hathaway

To my dearest Bob, may your memories be set in stone and your soul live on forever.
Jacque Blackmore

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When a friend phoned to say she’d been diagnosed with cancer for the third time, Richard was invited to help. In this inspiring handbook, the author cuts to the chase, and reveals unique insights to bring a terminal patient from the brink of death, to a place of well-being. -  Cancer Free.

‘Cancer - Your Way’ catalogues this incredible journey, a path of a lone healer and a friend, and along the way uncovers some of the best kept secrets for overcoming this disease. Cancer doesn’t have to be the end; it’s a new beginning to good health.


+ Discover the best kept secrets for overcoming cancer.

+ Learn how to heal on an energetic level.

+ Find out how diet is essential to recovery.

+ An easy to follow plan that saved a terminal cancer patient.

+ 100% safe and works alongside conventional medicine.

+ Utilises nothing more than Mother Nature’s medicine cabinet.

Cancer - Your Way  will forever change the way you think, offering the opportunity to see life in a new light, disease free.

Cancer - Your Way  available in paperback and ebook formats,
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I'd like to introduce myself, my name is Richard and I suffered from panic attacks until I went searching for the answers.- Like you, I started with my local doctor, but it soon became apparent I needed to widen my field. The result? I'm cured now, and to pass the word around you can beat this, and you don't have to live like this anymore, I wrote a book. 
'Panic Attacks & Anxiety' is the kind of book sufferers have been crying out for. I know this, because it's the book I would have bought when I was on my journey to self recovery.
'Panic attacks and Anxiety' covers what a panic attack is, why they happen and what you can do about them. It is a simple healing program that will help you banish the anxiety feelings, leaving you to live your life the way you want, and not controlled by what seems the un-controllable.
You don't need to suffer anymore, here are the answers I found by searching them out on my own journey. But here they are, written on the page and ready for you to take action today.

Where can I buy the Book?
'Panic attacks and Anxiety' is available to buy Now. Order via my website

Does the book use drug free techniques?
Yes. You will learn the power of Bach Flower Remedies, Meditation, Healing and mind stratagies that will say goodbye to panic forever.

When can I expect results?
From the very first chapter. But it still depends on you to work with the exercises. The more you do, the more successful you will become at beating panic and anxiety.

Praise for the book Conquering panic attacks & Anxiety & the ebook version,Panic Attacks & Anxiety - How to beat them
'This book was recommended to me and I was given a copy of it by my nephew. I found it to be interesting and helpful. It was easy to follow with lots of good tips for self help.'
'Loved this, and passed it on(I have friends that need this book). Well done and sorely needed in this day and age when people are so stressed or in economic frenzy.'
'Panic attacks are a pretty nasty trick the brain plays on the body. Any book that helps to free people of the horror of anxiety is a book worth reading. This one is written well, and since the author himself has suffered from anxiety, the book has credibility.'
'Self-help books should be easy to read, and this succeeds in that arena. You put across well thought out theories and the evidence to support them, while offering guidance without baffling the reader.'
Abi xxx
As a psychiatric nurse I can relate very much to the steps necessary to workthrough Panic Attacks. Although I have never experienced one - I know they exist and can be frightening as hell for the individual because they feel like they are dying. This would be a great resourse not only for doctors offices but also high schools and colleges as that seems to be the population with the least amount of control over their anxiety and also the population you don't want to just keep medicating - this book delivers a much better solution.'
5.0 out of 5 stars CONQUERING Panic Attacks& Anxiety, By Mr. Michael Childs "Anita Childs" (UK) (This review is from: Conquering Panic Attacks & Anxiety (Paperback)
 I really enjoyed this book. It is written by an expert;ie someone who is writing from personal experience. I think most people could benefit from the advice here as it will give lots of different perspectives, tools and techniques suitable to support the normal stresses most of us experience in life as well as those with differing degrees of severity of symptoms and experiences.
Richard Hathaway has written the book in an incredibly user friendly manner which really makes you feel it is written for you and easy to follow even when under a great deal of stress.
The advice describes specific avenues of self help support that perhaps have been missed by more traditional approaches. He tells of his own experiences as a young man with panic attacks and anxiety and how he came across new and effective souces of help such as Bach Flower Remedies. This exciting new path was shown to him by a very special and knowledgeable person named Dawn Chrystal who taught him exactly how to use remedies (which are very easy to get hold of on most high streets and the internet plus some therapists) and gain a much wider understanding of himself as a whole.Now this fundamental information is in this book for us all to use.
The section at the back on common questions asked is so reassuring and identifies all manner of questions you might have on your mind and be worrying about and offers clarity and calm to replace troubled waters.
The book is packed with information that many a reader searching for answers to their condition may not previously have come across and is so easy to understand I found it a joy to read and am already recommending it a lot.
Anita Childs
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