Panic Attacks & Anxiety-How to Beat Them - 'Make this Day one of the rest of your Life'
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An ever changing world
Since writing the first edition of this book the world has changed beyond recognition.  If stress and anxiety was an issue back in 2005, now we see it becoming more of a problem, and the ever increasing sales of the book prove this.  The cost of living has risen considerably, yet wages aren’t sufficient, and in many cases, unemployment is now the norm only compounding the problem further.

In a world where fuel costs are outweighing food prices, we have a dilemma. People are unable to get to work, or, when they do, there is very little left for the bills and feeding the family. The result? Stress and panic is inevitable. Suicide can also be an option for the desperate. But not a solution.

Credit card bills rise. Loans with APR of twelve hundred percent all offer a quick fix over something that will burst again, and then you come to realise, what you thought had given you some breathing space, has actually only added to the pressure.

You  stare in disbelief at your costs, you dread certain days of the month when the next bill hits the mat, because you will have to try and rack your brains in finding a way to pay. Stress stress and more stress.  But that’s not all, relationships are breaking down. Arguments are becoming more frequent, and all you talk or row about is money and how your life hasn’t turned out quite as you had dreamed.  And perhaps later you split, and then the anxiety becomes worse than ever, stopping you from working. You feel awful, sick of life and wonder what’s in store. You fear you are dying and repeatedly visit the doctors or the hospital only to find out you’re fit and well. But you question this; you find it impossible to understand why you feel so bad, and you strongly convince yourself there is in fact something physically wrong.

Eventually, throughout all the trauma this condition brings, you wonder if there is anything you can do about it. Anything to get you back to normal, the person you were before.

And that’s the turning point. The point where you take matters into your own hands and take the necessary changes which will lead to your recovery.

Because everybody in their lives will experience the horror that anxiety brings, it just depends on many factors, and how long and to what degree they will suffer this. You may be thinking nobody understands how I feel, I am dying here. But take heart in this, by working through this book, which has evolved through my own experiences of dealing with this dreadful disorder, you will come through this. You will realise that your body is only reacting to a high influx of adrenaline, and the downright, scary, debilitating symptoms are a result of this. And the more these symptoms happen, your body gets used to being in a high state of alert, and when this occurs, it becomes habitual. Your body doesn’t feel like it belongs to you anymore, it seemingly reacts to every given danger in a frightening way, and this only compounds your fears further. The vicious circle has begun.

Your mind is the nerve centre, the way your thoughts have become over the day’s months and years, contribute to the symptoms you are experiencing. Which is why at the end of the day it will be up to you to beat this. It won’t come in a pill bottle, and the doctor won’t be able to help with this part, you have to dig down and really want this. No matter how tired and scared you are feeling right now, you must muster up some courage and see this thing through, otherwise it will only become such a big part of you, it will get more and more difficult to eradicate.

People, in way I mean the non suffers, will do their best to help, and you will need the assistance and support of those around you, but still deep down, it will be up to you to combat this.

And that’s where this book is designed to assist you. An aid to help you through panic and anxiety as quickly as possible, so you can get on with your life once again. Because nobody wants to feel the clutches this debilitating condition brings. It can be a long tough road, I have fought bouts of this for most of my life, but you do come to realise, although it is horrible, you can get a reign on this.

You see, you are a good person, you have just come over- sensitised to the outside world and you are picking up triggers that would normally mean nothing to a non sufferer, but to you, it feels like death is knocking on your door. Except it isn’t death, it’s just your body working like it was designed to, but at the moment you don’t need it to be so finely tuned. Your overly worked nervous system needs a rest, it needs time to heal, which is why it can take time.

So be gentle with the process, look after yourself, and don’t beat yourself up if those intrusive thoughts are driving you crazy. Every day you chip away at this, gradually the feelings will not come with such regularity, and when you finally feel safer in your own body, your path to recovery will be back on track.

But for now let’s work on you, let’s get you better.

So remember,

‘This is day one of the rest of your life’

Richard Hathaway 2014

 Richard Hathaway  3/6/14
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